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Buy Michelin Tires

To succeed in today's business world you have to keep moving, and to keep moving you need tires you can trust to get the job done. Michelin tires are designed specifically to help customers keep moving and grow their business.

buy michelin tires


As a specialist in tires for businesses (freight transportation, people transportation, construction, agriculture, quarry, port activities, vehicle fleet management, and professional services/tradesmen), Michelin delivers innovative, high-performance tires for on- and off-road use. The Michelin Group works diligently on improving traction performance, fuel efficiency, durability and soil protection to help offset costs associated with your operation.

The right tires for your business: All professionals have different expectations and needs depending on their business, in terms of their vehicles' performance, safety, traction and fuel economy. Whether you are looking for truck tires, semi-trailer tires, tractor tires, tires for your construction machines or light trucks, or tires to fit to your light vehicle fleet, Michelin will always offer you the best way of achieving your goals. Thanks to its innovative technology, Michelin is improving tire rolling resistance so that they last longer.

I purchased a set of 4 Michelin Premier A/S tires in 2017. A year and a half and 30,000 miles later, they are still at 7/32! They are quiet, handle very well, and get excellent fuel economy. Wearing evenly and still look brand new. I have only used Michelin tires on all the cars I have ever owned and love them. Not inexpensive tires, however, you get what you pay for.

I have used competitor tires and always did the balancing every 6k miles. None of them have the traction as good as Michelin tires. As soon as Michelin tires were put on, the steering vibration went away, the ride feels comfier and the stopping distance improved greatly. Michelin has 80k miles warranty, but from what I read, many have gone over 100k with ease.

I replaced the OEM tires with a set of Premier LTX tires, and they have lasted nearly 85,000 miles. Much of this is highway driving, but they have still done much better than the OEM tires which came on the new vehicle. They have also been reasonably quiet and excellent on wet roads.

The French Michelin Group has its origins in 1889 with the acquisition of a rubber processing company by the Michelin brothers. Michelin is one of the first proponents of pneumatic tires for bicycles and automobiles. It was in 1895 even the company Michelin itself, endowed with an automobile tire and sent it as a test project in the legendary car race from Paris to Bordeaux. Since then, the company's success continues unabated. In addition to passenger car tires , truck tires, Motorsports tires and motorcycle tires Michelin produced since 1981 and aircraft tires and has now extended its portfolio Michelin tires for agricultural machinery, space shuttles and special vehicles.

These are non-directional all-season tires designed for use on SUVs and CUVs, as well as on light trucks. In addition to stable handling and excellent grip at any time of the year, they are characterized by a long lifespan, environmental friendliness, and fuel efficiency.

It is a premium summer tire for crossovers and SUVs. The use of modern production techniques allows these tires to achieve incredible traction parameters. The rubber guarantees optimal grip, handling, and high resistance to mechanical damage.

We all love and know Michelin for its tires. But to achieve this result, the company has been constantly developing and reinforcing its research departments. According to the manufacturer, the brand employs about 6,000 research specialists and invests millions of dollars in new technologies.

The company is actively working on solutions for hydrogen mobility, developing hydrogen fuel cells that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and bring innovation to environment protection. But we, of course, are really interested in Michelin tires.

In 2019 Michelin UPTIS (Unique PunctureProof Tire System *) was created. It is the first new-generation airless solution: this tire is a complete wheel with a disc, load-bearing spikes, and a flexible rim. UPTIS tires are made from new composite materials with options that can help withstand the loads, speed, and dynamics of modern passenger vehicles. The airless design of the revolutionary UPTIS tire minimizes the possibility of punctures and pressure drops.

Tires production remains Michelin's core business. The company's product line includes tires for scooters, scooters, bicycles, mopeds, cars, trucks, public and commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, aircraft, and even spacecraft.

In 1894, André and Édouard Michelin attended an international exhibition in Lyon. On one of the window displays, the brothers saw a stack of tires that to them resembled a man. Soon after, André was introduced to a cartoonist Marius O'Galop who depicted a silhouette. Subsequently, the brothers change the sketch. As a result, they got a figurine of a man, made of tires. It was the birth of Mister Michelin, also known as Bibendum. Now he is very famous around the world.

In 1992 the company introduced the first green tires with silica added to the rubber compound. This technology showed improved energy efficiency while enhancing safety and durability. Green tires have a low rolling resistance coefficient, which allows saving fuel.

In the middle of the last century, Michelin created an unusual truck tires test vehicle known as the Centipede. This 9-tonne mobile laboratory is made from Citroën DS components, has ten independent wheels and two Chevrolet V8 engines. Measuring instruments for testing truck tires are installed in its center. For several years, this vehicle has been considered a cutting-edge invention for safely testing new tires at high speeds.

Airless technology enables Uptis to reduce the risk of flat tires and other air loss failures that result from punctures or road hazards. When applied to large-scale production, this characteristic means Uptis offers significant potential for reducing the use of raw materials and waste.*

Dedicated to the improvement of sustainable mobility, Michelin designs, manufactures, and sells tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, and motorcycles. The company has earned a long-standing reputation for building innovative premium tires. In addition to tires, the company also publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps, and road atlases. Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Michelin North America, Inc. ( employs more than 20,000 people and operates 19 major manufacturing plants, which includes 3,500 people in its three plants in Nova Scotia and its office based in Laval, Quebec. For information, see

Stop spending too much for your tires. The trained technicians at Sam's Club can get tell you what tire size you need for your car or SUV and select a set of the new tires from brands you trust including Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Dunlop and a club tire brand. Use the easy Tire Search tool to locate the manufacturer recommended tire for your particular vehicle and then make your selection from a variety of tire types. Some of the automotive perks associated with Sam's Club membership: state-of-the-art equipment used to mount tires to the manufacturer's specifications, and free rotation, balance and flat repair for the life of the tire. (Never fear a flat tire again!)

In addition to tires, Sam's Club carries a wide variety of vehicle accessories including batteries, hitches, truck boxes, and even motor oil, degreasers and other auto fluids. Keep your car clean with car wash, cleaning brushes and a spotless water system, and then protect it with car mats, and a fitted car cover. Don't forget the electronics. Great deals on GPS units.

It's easier than ever to care for your car or truck without spending too much. Whether, you need a new set of tires, or just a quart of motor oil, you'll know that you're getting quality products at a great price. Visit your local Sam's Club today. Your car will thank you.

Sam's Club trained technicians can help you select the best tires for your car or SUV at the best possible price. Be sure to shop the wide variety of tire brands we carry and look for deals, rebates and instant savings to make your dollar travel as far as possible.

When it comes to buying new tires, there are many tire brands to choose from. If you've already done some new tire research, you've probably seen Michelin top many lists. The next step is to get more information and decide where to shop.

Look no further. Your local Sam's Club has Michelin tires in stock and ready for order at great prices, including some you can't get anywhere else. Our selection includes favorites for just about any situation. Whether you're most focused on not hydroplaning, a comfortable ride for your next road trip with friends, or high performance for that new car, there's a Michelin tire for you.

Our Michelin tires come in a wide range of tire sizes, so you can find what you're looking for. If you're not quite sure which tire size you need, try our Tire Finder. More specific details about how to read a tire's sidewall are available on Michelin's FAQ page under "Technical Info and Definitions." You can find the tire size listed in each product description on our website. You can also search for tires by size, so that you don't have to look through a bunch of tires that won't fit your vehicle.

We always try to bring you the lowest prices possible, no matter what product you're looking for. Our selection of Michelin tires ranges from about $100 per tire to about $890 for the Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Most of our tires fall between $150 and $500 per tire.

Use our search tool to find all the tires in your category. If you need to narrow your results, our "refine" feature allows you to search for tires by price, so you can be sure to find every model in your budget. If you're looking for an even better deal, look for current sales shown in a green diamond on the product photo. 041b061a72


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