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Nana is the debut album of the German rapper Nana, released on May 19, 1997. It was certified Gold by the German Bundesverband Musikindustrie[1] and Swiss Hitparade.[2] The album consists of eleven tracks and spawned four singles: "Darkman", "Let It Rain" (featuring Saskia Mireille Oldenstam), "He's Comin'" and "Lonely". The album's design was made by Katja Stier.


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Nana Kwame Abrokwa (born 5 October 1968) is a Ghanaian born German rapper and DJ, performing under the pseudonyms Nana or Darkman. Nana is not an actual first name, but is rather a Ghanaian title of nobility. His 1996 self-titled debut album was certified Platinum in Poland and Gold in Germany and Switzerland. The album spawned the 1997 hit single, "Lonely", which reached number-one in Germany and Switzerland, and was certified Platinum in Germany.

In 1996 Aris and Cottura founded the Black Music label Booya Music, which Nana joined as the first artist. The first single, "Darkman" reached the top 10 of Germany's official single-chart by Media Control. The following single, "Lonely", became the most successful euro-rap song, being number-one for several weeks. The album, Nana, released in 1997, is more on the mainstream, American style of rapping.[1] It features numerous other members of the Booya Family, such as Jan van der Toorn and Alex Prince.

In 1997 a new album was released, this time it was more mainstream. The songs are closer in their vibes to the American rap music. Multiple people were involved in the creation of this album, including Jan van der Toorn and Alex Prince.

In 1968, Mouskouri turned her attention to the British market and hosted a variety show called Nana and Guests. In 1969, she released her first full-length British LP, Over and Over. It became a smash hit that spent almost two years on the U.K. charts. Mouskouri spent much of the 1970s on the road which helped to broaden her worldwide popularity to levels. In France, she released a series of top-selling albums that included Comme un Soleil, Une Voix Qui Vient du Coeur, Vielles Chansons de France, and Quand Tu Chantes. She also recorded a successful version of Habanera, from Bizet's opera Carmen. She continued to release highly received albums in Europe, including her 1975 album Sieben Schwarze Rosen which was a significant success in Germany, and her English-language album Book of Songs that sold millions of copies worldwide.In 1979, Mouskouri had another English-language album named Roses and Sunshine. This album was very well received in Canada. She scored a worldwide hit in 1981 with Je Chante Avec Toi, Liberté, which was translated into several languages after its widespread success in France. The momentum from this album also helped boost her following German album, Meine Lieder Sind Meine Liebe. In 1984, Mouskouri returned to Greece for her first live performance in her homeland since 1962.

In 1986, Mouskouri recorded Only Love, the theme song to a BBC TV series that went on to top the U.K. charts. The song was also a hit with its French version, L'Amour en Héritage. That same year, Mouskouri made a play for the Spanish-language market with the hit single Con Todo el Alma. The song was a major success in Spain, Argentina and Chile. She released five albums in different languages in 1987, and the following year returned to her classical conservatory roots with the double LP The Classical Nana (aka Nana Classique), which featured some of her favorite opera excerpts.Mouskouri's 1991 English album, Only Love: The Best of Nana Mouskouri became her best-selling release in the United States. She spent much of the 1990s with her rigorous global touring schedule. Among her early 1990s albums were spiritual music, Gospel (1990), the Spanish-language Nuestras Canciones, the multilingual, Mediterranean-themed Côté Sud, Côté Coeur (1992), Dix Mille Ans Encore, Falling in Love Again: Great Songs From the Movies. Falling in Love reunited her with Harry Belafonte on two songs.She recorded several more albums over 1996-1997, including the Spanish Nana Latina (which featured duets with Julio Iglesias and Mercedes Sosa), the English-language Return to Love, and the French pop classics, Hommages. In 1997, she staged a high-profile Concert for Peace at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. This concert was later released as an album, and aired as a TV special on PBS in the U.S.

A Nana Nana Kwame Abrokwa, művésznevein Nana és Darkman, Hamburgban élő ghánai származású rapper első, 1997-es albuma. A rap műfaján messze túlmutató album igen sikeres lett, Németországban negyedik helyezésig jutott és aranylemez lett. A melankolikus hangulatú albumot Nana akkoriban elhunyt édesanyja emlékének ajánlotta.

Nana tízéves korában édesanyjával érkezett Ghánából Hamburgba, édesapja még korábban meghalt. A kilencvenes évek eleje óta DJ volt, valamint kisebb rap közreműködései is voltak lemezeken. 1995-ben csatlakozott Bülent Aris és Toni Cottura producerek Darkness eurodance projektjéhez, In My Dreams dala sikeres lett. Noha nem szimpatizált az itt végzett munkájával, innen ered későbbi neve a Darkman. 1996-ban Aris és Cottura megalapította a Booya Music céget, Nana lett az első szerződött művészük. Két kislemez készült vele, ezek a Darkman és a Lonely. Miután mindkét dal meglepően sikeres lett, elkészítették Nana első albumát, mely 1997-ben jelent meg. 041b061a72


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