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Xdcam Content Browser Serial Number ((FREE)) - Mikunioz

If your client isnt interested in your Media Composer, you will want to take advantage of the XDCAM QuickStart guide that will walk you through the process of viewing the XDCAM footage, as well as tagging metadata, exporting stills and saving your session. Its also linked from the XDCAM QuickStart.

Xdcam Content Browser Serial Number

If you have been given a web URL that is taking you to a XDCAM QuickStart guide that was created in the past, you will need to update to the latest version. Sorry, we have not yet received any instructions on how to do this.

ContentBrowser is the extension of the Sony XDCAM media player, which is called the Content Agent. The content agent itself is built into the Sony XDCAM devices, but the media controller software needed to control the device is only available through the Sony media controler (MC). The Content Agent software is designed to work with the MC and connects the Content Agent to the Sony XDCAM media player. The ability to view footage on the clients laptop makes this a well-suited option for Digital Intermediate (DI) editors who are working on footage on site.

The Media Composer is already installed on your PC when you download the Content Agent software. After installing the software, click the icon that reads "The XDCAM Media Player". This will load the Content Agent software, which is designed to work with the Media Composer. To log in to the Content Agent software, just use the user id and password that you have used to access your Media Composer.

Open the Software menu to open the software. From there, click File > Open. Click to go to the Advanced tab and click the radio button for the file that has the content agent ( file) to open it. Click OK. You will be presented with a menu of options. Choose the option that says "Choose the directory". In the "Choose the directory" panel, choose the appropriate directory from the "Select a directory" list. Click OK.


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