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Kirisun Programming Software Pt8100 12 [UPD]

ews2k, is the dealer who sold you the radios unable to program them for you? I am in the US and am not familiar with the programming software for the Kirisun. Have you checked to make sure the USB cable is assigned to the correct COM port? Is it possible the cable is reading the radios from the correct port but attempting to write back through another one?

Kirisun Programming Software Pt8100 12

Download Zip:

There are a lot of reasons why the same programming software would work on one computer and not another. It could be related to software, hardware, or both. Also, the programming software for your radio does not seem to be widely used, at least here in the US. Without details on the systems you are using and their configurations, it is difficult to troubleshoot the error, especially when using an application that is a bit obscure.

Since this forum primarily discusses the operation two way radios and not computers, it is a bit outside our scope to troubleshoot computer related issues. However, there are a few things you can try to determine if the issue is caused by the computer or the programming software.

[ol][li] Note and similarities and differences between all of the computers running the program.[/li][li] Which machines run the program with out issue? Which computers have the issue?[/li][li] Look for a common denominator with each set of computers, i.e. do all the ones that work use the same version of Windows, do they all use the same set of port drivers, do they all use the same port assignments, connections, etc.)[/li][li] Is there anything else running or not running on the computers that may prevent the programming software from writing back to the radio or otherwise get in the way? (AV programs, services disabled, stopped, or failing to load, other devices using the same ports or port numbers, etc.)[/li][li] is there any indication of a device conflict in the Device Manager that may affect or prevent full access to the ports used by the programming software?[/li][li] You suspect a possible MS dot.Net issue. Is the same version running on all PCs?[/li][li] Did you try uninstalling and re-installing the programming software on the effected machines to eliminate the possibility of a corrupt installation?[/li][/ol]

I was trying unsuccesfully to run version 1.28 and then 1.29 of the software, when as an afterthought I figured I would try an older version of it and see what happens. After uninstalling the newer versions I installed an older version (Version 1.20) of the programming software and this works perfectly with an XP SP3 laptop!

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