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Asher Ross
Asher Ross

Ep 816 - Google Drive

Plenty of people will tell you they're getting rich off of bitcoin. They could be right. But there's another group of bitcoin owners that aren't so ecstatic. Because they might be rich, too, but they lost the passkey that would let them get at their digital fortune. Syl Turner is in that second, less glamorous group. When he got around one-and-a-half bitcoins seven or eight years ago, they were nearly worthless. So worthless he bunked the hard drive that held the key somewhere and now he can't remember where.

Ep 816 - Google Drive

Enhanced Strength: As suggested by his incredibly toned muscles and physique, Inosuke possesses superhuman physical strength, being able to dual wield two katanas as opposed to one, even swinging them at super speeds. He was able to slice up the parts of Enmu's body that had engulfed one of the train cabins. During Hashira Training, he even managed to move a boulder nearly twice his size with his bare hands. He was able to damage Doma's neck and throw his swords with such strength, the force on impact was enough to drive Kanao's sword through his neck.

I wanted to extend LD 1 to use some of the 619995 MB before adding another drive to Array A. I came up with 598490 MB, and tried to extend the drive using the command "ctrl slot=0 ld 1 modify size=14598490". 041b061a72


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