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Best Clock Widget For Android

Weather & CLock Widget is a fairly popular and fairly powerful clock and weather widget. The app includes a variety of widgets, including some decently deep customization options. Additionally, it functions well as a standalone weather app with a daily, hourly, and 10-day forecast along with some other weather data. Some folks seem to have trouble with the weather app portion of it updating itself, but those issues are usually temporary. In any case, these are seriously good widgets even if the weather part is a bit finicky on occasion.

Best Clock Widget for Android

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If we missed any great clock widgets or weather clock widgets for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.Thank you for reading. Try these out too:

With this app, which is free to download, you can greatly tweak the clock widgets that came with Android 12. You can change shapes, text fonts, animations, colors, and so much more. You can even pay $1 and unlock premium themes, already laid out and ready to make your home screen look like a piece of art.

Samsung Clock has four widgets: Alarm, Digital Clock, Analog Clock, and Dual Clock. With One UI 4, Samsung upgraded the Dual clock widget to show day and night colors for your selected locations, making the widget more intuitive and glanceable.

Every home screen needs a great-looking clock widget. Chronus gives you a bunch of them. It offers a choice of digital and analog clocks, with added agenda view, weather, stocks, or a news feed. It even has a widget that's compatible with Google Fit, putting your daily steps onto your home screen.

While Google Keep has some great note widgets, Samsung users also have access to one of the best Samsung widgets out there, Samsung Notes. The widget options here include a sleek and stylish toolbar, miniature note shortcuts, and a larger full view option.

Keeping track of your stock prices is one of the best uses of a widget. has a good one as part of its Stock Exchange app. You can search for stocks on over 70 global exchanges and track as many as you like. These automatically get added to your widget, which you can resize to fit a full home screen panel. You can then view real-time price updates.

These are just some of the best widgets for Android. The chances are that most of your favorite apps offer their own widgets. It's always worth checking, as it's so easy to miss out on some really useful extra functionality in apps you use every day. Gmail, Snapchat, Spotify, VLC, Fitbit, Chrome, and so many more have them.

We have gathered a list of the 10 best weather apps and widgets for your Android smartphone and tablets. You can securely download them from Google Play Store for free to be updated about weather changes in your region.

1Weather is claimed to be rated the best weather app during Hurricane season 2021. It offers a host of weather alerts like rain forecasts, snowstorm tracking, current temperature, hurricane alert, air quality index, and 10 days update. The app also provides 48 hours of detailed temperature from over 25 radar locations. It offers a number of home screen widgets ranging in different sizes.

The YoWindow offers an intuitive user interface providing regional weather with a live landscape and natural sound. The app allows user to create their own landscape if wished. It shows the temperature, rain probability, UV index, and other climate parameters. The widget provides clock, weather, and live wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen.

The last app on the list is Weather Widget by WeatherBug providing real-time access to weather with a professional level of accuracy. The custom widget provides weather, clock, and alarm functions all at one glance. It can send alerts for serious weather conditions like heavy rain, lightning, and thunderstorms. It lets you plan your day for up to 5 days. The app is free to use with no in-app purchase.

As smartphones have become ubiquitous, weather apps have taken the place of weather forecasters. Sure, you can still find forecasts on TV news, but weather apps are like having a meteorologist in your own hand. There are a lot of weather apps and widgets available for Android, but not all of them are that good. So we've selected the best weather apps and widgets you can download right now on your new Android phone or tablet.

Overdrop is one of the best-looking weather apps on the Play Store. From the very first moment you open the app, you'll be captivated by its eye-catching visuals and icons. You can customize the look and style with seven beautifully designed themes, and there are over 50 home screen widgets that look absolutely stunning. Beyond the looks and beauty, Overdrop is a fantastic weather app. Overdrop lets you pick from four weather forecast providers, including Dark Sky Weather, AccuWeather, WeatherBit, and OpenWeatherMap, unlike other weather apps that don't allow you to choose the source of your choice.

The Today Weather app is free to download and use but includes advertisements. You can get a premium subscription to remove ads, get all data sources, and have full access to weather maps. The membership can be bought on a six-month, annual, or forever basis. There are over 20 widget options in Today Weather, with different functionality and size. The widget selection of the app is one of the best we've seen in a weather app.

The YoWindow Awesome Weather app offers six widget options as well as ten live wallpapers showing weather in your area. Additionally, you get an alarm clock that wakes you up to the sounds of nature, a weather screensaver, and weather maps. The radar and weather maps can be tried for five days, after which you'll need to purchase the full version.

Additionally, Geometric Weather supports dark mode and comes with a weather live wallpaper as well as 11 widget options. It is free to download and use. The best part? There are zero ads and no in-app purchases.

These are some of the best weather apps and widgets on Android. Some of the honorable mentions include Flowx, Yahoo Weather, and Appy Weather. Which weather app do you use? Do you think we missed any great weather apps or widgets? Let us know in the comments section.

There are four flavors of clock widget available under this new design schema: The sort of top-down cupcake-looking Analog, Digital, a "Stacked" digital, and a World widget that shows two time zones at once in the Digital format. Although each has specified sizes, you can also resize them to your heart's content, but that's not the best part.

Widgets for Android are something that would always remain popular no matter what. Now, users tend to search for widgets that help them improve their productivity or simply to make things easier. Instead of launching the app and creating a new task, with widgets, you can create it with just a single tap. So, why not the same for clock widgets for Android? Well, if you want to manage your time, set alarms quickly, make your home screen look beautiful or check international time in a single tap, then you are in need of the best clock widgets for Android.

Weather & Clock Widget for Android developed by is a cool clock widget app that looks as good as it works. Interestingly, this one could act as one of the best clock widgets for Android and one of the best weather widgets as well.

It is not a standalone clock widget app but also offers the integration to display the weather information. By that, you will be able to keep track of everything that you normally need. You can choose from various layouts available to display both the time and the weather information on your home screen. Yes, it may not be as customizable as you want a clock widget for Android to be, but it is both informative and gentle to look at.

Buzz Widget has been developed by the famous team known for Buzz launcher. It is a custom widget editor that lets you freely bring your imagination to your home screen through weather, clock, battery, and date widget.

When you observe the preset styles, you can notice similarly themed colors for it. However, the better half of the picture says that you can customize the look as per your wish. You can customize the line color, text color, and the outline color of the clock. Also, you can choose what to and what not to display through the clock widget (battery info, date, etc.)

Sense Flip Clock widget is highly customizable with its function and content displayed, but it would look the same whatsoever. It will retain the flip effect of the clock/date which would remind you of the promising HTC devices that were available a couple of years back.

There are tons of several clock widget apps available for Android. However, that does not necessarily mean they are all good. So, we picked the best clock widgets for you to try on your Android devices.

Sense Analog Clock puts a Sense UI inspired clock widget on the homescreen. The colours for the hour and minute can be customized, along with the option to open apps by clicking on the hours or minutes. Weather, battery, alarm and battery temperature info can be displayed on the widget, along with the option to download additional skins for the widget to change its look.

MIUI Spiral Analog Clock widget is inspired by the clock widget found in MIUI custom ROMs. The hours and minutes are indicated by spiral circles, with the actual time indicated by the position of the lights inside the circles. In short, the widget looks very nice on the homescreen. You can also download the blue, orange, and green versions of the widget.

Vanilla KWGT widget pack consists of a bunch of well-designed, minimalistic-looking widgets including a clock widget that will provide you with the necessary information while making your home screen look great. You can combine this widget pack with minimalistic background images or vector graphics to perfectly set up your home screen.

If you are a minimalist or want to keep your homescreens clean and minimalistic, then Minimal KWGT is the best widget pack for you. It contains a variety of minimal and clean widgets that are very functional while keeping your home screen clutter-free. Combine these widgets with a simple icon pack, and you are good to go.


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